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Division I Commits

BEL News

    League MVPs

    Year Player Team City
    2017 Landon Parker North Stars East Grand Forks
    2016 Shane Lavelle Bruins Chaska
    2015 Jack Jensen (Co-MVP) Bruins Eden Prairie
    2015 Ben Helgeson (Co-MVP) North Stars Roseau
    2014 Tyler Watkins Rangers Hermantown

    Past Champions

    Year Team Season
    2017 North Stars Tournament
    2017 Bruins League
    2016 Penguins Tournament
    2016 Bruins League
    2015 Lightning Tournament
    2015 Devils League
    2014 Rangers Tournament
    2014 Red Wings League

    All Time Scorers

    Year Player Team Points
    2017 Chaz Lucius Blackhawks 35
    2014 Tyler Watkins Rangers 23
    2017 Kyle Kukkonen Kings 22
    2015 Jack Jensen Bruins 22
    2015 Ben Helgeson North Stars 22
    2015 Landon Langenbrunner Devils 22
    2016 Austen Humphrey Bruins 21
    2017 Landon Parker North Stars 21
    2014 Luke LaMaster Rangers 20

    USHL 1st Round Picks

    Player Birth Year Team/Round
    Grant Silianoff 2001 Cedar Rapids/1st Overall
    Mike Koster 2001 Tri-City
    Jake Braccini 2001 Bloomington
    Garrett Pinoniemi 2001 Lincoln
    Kaden Bohlsen 2001 Des Moines
    Jake Hale 2001 Dubuque
    Bobby Brink 2001 Sioux City
    Gavin Hain 2000 Fargo/1st Overall
    Ben Brinkman 2000 Waterloo
    Blake McLaughlin 2000 Chicago
    Jaxon Nelson 2000 Sioux Falls
    Colin Schmidt 2000 Waterloo
    Jack Perbix 2000 Green Bay

    NTDP Players

    Player Team Year
    Gavin Hain Rangers 2014
    Judd Caulfield North Stars 2015
    Drew Helleson Kings 2015
    Trevor Janicke Lightning 2015
    Keegan Karki Blackhawks 2014
    K'Andre Miller Canadiens 2014
    Ryan Ullan Devils 2015

    '17 Standings

    League Tie Breaker

    2 Way Tie

    1. Head to Head (Most Points in Games Played)
    2. Goals Allowed (Head to Head)
    3. Goal Differential (Head to Head)
    4. Goals Allowed (Overall)
    5. Goal Differential (Overall)
    6. Coin Flip

    3 or 4 Way Tie

    1. Average points per game between all tied teams will determine order of remaining teams. For example, Team A plays 5 games between the three tied teams and has 10 points (2.0 average), Team B plays 4 Games and has 6 points (1.5 average), and Team C plays 5 games and has 7 points (1.40 average)...the order of finish would be A, then B, then C. 

    2. If there are 2 teams tied after tiebreaker 1, see Two Way tiebreaker.
    3. If there are 3 teams tied (in case of 4 Way tie), see Three Way tiebreaker.
    4. Goals Allowed (Overall)
    5. Goal Differential (Overall)

    2017 Playoff Bracket

    Playoff Bracket

    Tourney Rules

    -All games will be played under modified MSHL Rules (same as Regular Season).

    -In case of tie, there will be a 4:00 Sudden Death OT.

    -If tied after Overtime, 3 Man Shootout (International Rules).

    '17 Leaders - Skater

    '17 Leaders - Goalie